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Hi there!

First of all, I don’t know how to make a blog post but, i’m gonna try lol.

I will start on WHO I AM?

I’m Mej Valencia, a Musician/Songwriter and a Graphic Artist/Designer, a Father of two lovely kids and a husband of a lovely and gorgeous woman, and i’m 25. My home country is Philippines, but i’m currently based here in Dubai as Graphic Designer at the most leading architectural company in the whole UAE. If you’re wondering how’s my musician life without real music? it’s terrible! really! but i’m lucky to have a brothers from another mothers to understand the situation and make a solution instead of making it worst, by the way, my band’s name is DAYS OF JANUARY. anyways i’ll continue the story… So, me and the band decided to push our plan to release a Full Length Sophomore Album this 2016 following of our EP Album released, and make the impossible, possible. We played countless small and big shows/events back in the Philippines including Rakrakan Festival, UP Fair, PAPS Music Events, Rakista Jam and many more. We also got the chance to work with the most talented, Respectable, successful and creative people in the industry; Emil Dela Rosa of Campsite Recordings and Faintlight, Raphael Pulgar of Into Entropy Recordings, Alex Phatboy Lim of Built By Sonic and Sonic Boom Philippines, Clang Fajardo of LOSTTHREADS, PULP Magazine, Ouie Sanchez, Adrian Lapena, Jasper Lawan, Franz “Deeman” Dimaano, Ron Dela Cruz of Faintlight and DGRAVE, Vendetta, Frankenstee, Ridz of RAKISTA.com and many more! I can’t put all of them here but they know who they are, thank you so much guys, I really do!

We also shared stages with Faintlight, Diachroma, 88City (Formerly known as JEJAVIEW), Imbue No Kudos, LOSTTHREADS, Blue Boy Bites Back, Sirens, Chicosci, Typecast, Save Me Hollywood, April Morning Skies, Similar Intents, Murder Club, Arcadia, Wilabaliw, Drop Decay, Drive Me To Juliet, Philia, Mr.Bones and the Boneyard Circus, Small Hands, Maria Campbell and many more great OPM artist/bands of our time.

as of now, as i writing this post… i really don’t know if a blog post should be like this or not lol! anyways, this is my first time so, please pardon me and my grammar/sentence (correct me if i’m wrong, it means a lot to me).

I think i’m gonna end this for now, hope you like my first ever blog post haha.


Feel free to check me or my band here:






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