A lot of people nowadays are looking for answers, answers for their prayers, ambitions, dreams, goals, careers, jobs, families and more. ofcourse, everyone wants an answer (even me) but, do we all know what’s the right question should we ask? or how to ask for it? my personal answer is, NO. Even if our brain is telling “yes we know”, we really still don’t know. We will only find the right one when it’s in our front, face to face. some of them are questions with answers, answers with questions, questions without answers or answers without questions. Yes, that’s right my friend, that thing are existing in this deceiving world of ours. and right now, all you have to do is faith, faith to everyone, faith to everything. After that, you can try to ask your question again, and don’t rush to know the answer, don’t find the answer, it will come to you.Leap of faith, believe when nobody else will.

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