What is PTC (Paid to Click)?

What is PTC (Paid to Click)?

PTC also stands for Paid to Click. By using PTC Sites You can earn money on the internet without investment. In these pages You can gain income in several ways: Paid to click, Paid to read, PTSU, Offers (Microjobs), Watching videos, Grid, Autosurf, Traffic Exchange, etc.

This work is very easy, it doesn’t demand any qualification. The registration is absolutely free everywhere. For one IP address usally one person is able to register. You have to give variety passwords on each PTC website because of your own safety. During the registration you have to give real data, because with unreal data you will have problems with the payments. To ensure the cashout you need Paypal or Payza accounts.

It’s worth to You to work on minimum 15-20 pages, in order to get money faster. If you have little time to work then firstly it worth to you to work on older PTC Sites. If you have more time to work, then besides the older sites you can try also newer PTC Sites. It is important to never use online bots during your work because you may be banned.

On PTC Sites You have the chance to add advertisements.

You can promote your links and banners. The advertisement credits are very cheap, for one dollar you can buy more than a thousands of credits. The banner credits are even more cheaper. For one dollar you can buy more than 10 thousand credits.

Usually the older PTC sites are more reliable. This is the most important rule in PTC business. Monthly more than a hundred PTC sites are founded. These pages mostly scams, it means that they don’t pay for work.

Here in our website you can see list of PTC sites that you can trust, they are ranked by votes. visit our top trusted PTC sites.


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