What is Revenue Sharing?

What is Revenue Sharing?

On revenue sharing sites, you can receive higher income than on simple PTC sites. On these sites, you have the chance to buy Ad Packs. Buying Ad Packs goes with advantages. On the one hand you get ad credits, with the help of these can promote your website, referral links and referral banners.

On the other hand, buying Ad Packs is an investment. This investment brings you profit. The measurement of the profit is different on every revenue sharing site. There are sites, where the profit 10% while there are others, where it is over 50%. The profit, which is paid by the admin of the revenue sharing site, is from the income of the site. Revenue sharing sites have to 2 types. On passive revenue sharing sites, you have to buy Ad Packs and there is no other job for you. The system adds profit to your account every day automatically. The passive revenue sharing sites are not too reliable, go bankrupt soon and become scam site quickly. The active revenue sharing sites operate similarly as the simple PTC sites. You have to watch ads in order to get your share. So, you have to work for your money. Those who forget to watch ads don’t get a part of the profit. It is worth to prefer the active revenue sharing sites, because usually, they remain on the market for a longer period of time and operate a little more reliable. On the top of the screen in the table, you find only active revenue sharing sites.

A revenue sharing site is able to operate profitably until the sum of the deposits are greater than the sum of the cashouts. Unfortunately, we don’t know in advance that an admin how much a clever businessman and fair. As a result, don’t invest all your money into only one revenue sharing site, rather than work on at least 4-5 sites. In this way, you can reduce risk and make profit in the long run.

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