What is Coin Zone Club?

The Coin Zone Club announces new rewards for its game players

At this moment in time, there are numerous digital currency enthusiasts, who are also avid gamers, and would like to earn coins for the time they spend in games.

So far, this was only possible with the help of gambling games, where users would have to risk money, for a gain. However, this isn’t a satisfactory experience, considering the large losses that players were subject to and the fact that casino games aren’t always fun, and tend to be a bit too repetitive. Not only this, but many bitcoin-based casinos are scams, whereas others tend to be a bit too invasive of their users privacy.

To help change this, a team of passionate members of the bitcoin community have decided to launch the Coin Zone Club, a fun and interactive platform, centered on its community, where users are free to play games, win game credits (satoshis). Members can also enjoy themselves by chatting with other members. Coin Zone Club also comes along with a forum, where users can talk about their experience, discuss game strategies and make new friends. By sharing their experience with others, the gaming experience can get considerably better from all the points of view.

Playing constantly on the website allows users to considerably increase their flow of bitcoin, especially once and if they find better strategies to implement in the games being offered. To help facilitate the overall experience offered by the platform, the Coin Zone Club is excited to announce a couple of new rewards for the games being offered. At this moment in time, the games offered by the website are Satoshi Snake, Guess the Number, Coin Flipper and the Grid Game, all of which come with different ways of rewarding players for the time invested.

The Coin Zone club has an affiliate system which offer its users 5% from all games played by their referred friends. Each user can share the website using Facebook, Twitter, Google +, email, etc.

Referral Links look like this: https://coinzone.club/?ref=username

In terms of withdrawals, users are free to instantly withdraw their earnings, by simply entering their bitcoin address and clicking on withdraw once reach 100,000 satoshi. The platform is built in such a way to make it a safe community, free of scammers, where players can enjoy themselves, while also making money and friends.

To facilitate a better experience for all of its users, the website was built in such a way to be intuitive, interactive and user friendly at the same time. Judging by the features it offers, it is a great addition to the book of bitcoin-friendly websites, and a great way of interacting with other members of the crypto-community.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, the Coin Zone Club is one of the few bitcoin-friendly platforms that offers its users the possibility to play great games, relax, discuss what’s new in the bitcoin world, while also making a ton of friends. To start playing, users simply have to register an account, and begin having fun!

For more information on the Coin Zone Club, simply check out their website.

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