How to Make Some Bitcoin with AutoPilot?

This is not a quick rich scheme where bitcoins come down raining on you without any effort.
If you do it the right way, you don’t need to invest any money, but again as they say, Time is money and you need to spend some time in setting up the system.
If you follow the steps explained, you will earn some bitcoins for sure on autopilot. However, if you want to increase the money, you have to spend more time initially and use your brain to use the steps in more profiting way you may think fit.

The first step is having a bitcoin wallet of course to receive money. You can open an account anywhere you are confident with, but if you ask for my suggestion, go for as they are the most used and most recommended service as far as I know. If you already have a wallet, skip this step and go to step two.

Set up a blog. All you have to do is, sign up with any free site where you can embedded ads. There are plenty of such free sites out there, You can use:
Alternately you can register a free domain at and se their free site building features.

After setting up the blog, copy paste some posts from any site you like. Best is to use your own posts. You can also find tons of free articles avaailable on the internet, you can use any article of your choice. Try to post atleast ten articles so that the site does not look like a just installed blog.

Sign up for some CPM ad network. Usually the one with instant activation. I recommend the following as it is easy to set up and instantly activated.
Just to assure, I have used this service and earning daily. Morober, they send the balance immediately when you reach the threshold, which is just 0.00001 btc.

Create some ad units in the ppc ad network and add it to your blog. I suggest to add maximum three ad units for each network in one page/post.

Join some traffic exchange networks like,,, etc. The best one I recommend is the English version of the jingling software, available free at

Now your site earns on autopilot and the money is transferred automatically to your wallet.

If you want to increase your income, join as many cpm network as possible and add as many ad units as possible. Plus you have to search for traffic exchange sites and step up your traffic.

Happy earnings.

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