How to make up to $2,000 Per month with Propeller Ads?

What is the meaning of  Propeller Ads ?

Propeller Ads is an advertising company register in The UK. The company provide services to both Publishers willing to monetize their website or app Audience and advertisers willing to promote their brands,products or services.

What do propeller Ads do ?

Essentially they offer two types Services :

  1. Plartform for advertisers to promote their Brands,Products and Services.
  2. Platform for Webmasters and App Developers to monetize their Audience.

Now what we are looking for is how  webmasters or Apps Developers can make money by monetising their traffic or Audience.


To start making money with propeller ads you need to have one or all the following :

  1. A website with an established traffic
  2. Mobile App(s) if you are a Developer

But don’t worry if you have none of the above you can still get into the network and make money by creating direct link and promoting it.

 How to get started

  1. Simply register at by choosing the Publisher option.

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There is instant approval so you do not need to be worried.

  1. Login to your account and add the website or App you want to promote their ad with. The site you just submitted will be pending approval and you will be notified within 24 hour whether your site or App has been approved or rejected. This is also not something to be worried of because the company has very low traffic requirement and they accept even subdomains ike blogspot and worpress.
  2. After you receive the approval notification,ogin to your account,create the ad format you prefer, get the code and implement it on your site or App. Now, PropellerAds has different ad formats such as:
  3. Banners of different sizes.
  4. Direct link
  5. In-video ads
  6. Mobile dialogue
  7. Interstitial ads
  8. Pop up/pop under

Propeller Ads pays on various mode such as CPM,CPC,CPA,CPS,CPI and CPL. The model you will be paid is determined by the company base on the type of traffic you are sending to them.

How  Much do Propeller ads pays ?

This company pays up to $10 per CPM while for other ads types the payment is not fixed but depends on so many factors, but sure if you  promote their ad you will make money.


You can simply make money by  registering,implementing their ad code on your website or app. Then consider promoting the your website through social media like facebook, twitter,pintrest, instagram ,reddit, googleplus etc By so doing you get a lot of traffic to your site which finally turns in to good income to you. You can Aso drive traffic to your site by creating quality content and building backlinks to your site to improve it search engine traffic. Hence, if you are able to send 10,000 visitors daily, you will be making around 10X6= $60 daily and $1800 monthly. If you double your effort,you website traffic will be doubled and also your earnings continuously like that.

How and when will I be paid ?

You will be paid all that you earned provided you reach the minimum payout of $100 for paypal,payoneer and webmoney,and $500 minimum for bank wire payment. All payment are made on net 30 basis,which means your earning for the month of October will be paid at the end of November.


For sure if you give determination in boosting your website traffic that is monetized with proper Ads you will make good money daily even up to $500.

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