Earning by posting on Bitcointalk

Earning bitcoin and money online can be a difficult task, believe it or not- although there are many opportunities out there for people, they’re often difficult and not worth the time.
Bitcointalk, however, is a different matter- with lots of ways to earn and lots of potential profit available, i’ll show you an easy to earn money without too much dedication overall.


Posting is the classic way of earning money on bitcointalk- it’s been around for a very long time and has been a very reliable way of earning. How it works is this- you create and account, get to a certain level, and attempt to join a campaign with good post quality. One thing I will tell you straight off the bat is that it’ll take some time if you don’t already have an account or aren’t willing to buy one- activity is how levels are measured, and the maximum you can gain per day is 1. That may sound like very little, and it is, but there are members with thousands of activity points on the forum.

You can choose to post whatever you wish on the forum, but the best sections tend to be non-spammy ones outside of local boards and off-topic as well as bitcoin discussion- signature campaign managers don’t like those sections for spammers. Just having good posts and having a good level isn’t good enough, however- you need to apply for a campaign. You aren’t guaranteed a spot, and that’s the one catch- but if you do get into a good campaign, you have the opportunity to earn even up to 50$ a week on the highest paying campaigns. Whilst applying for a campaign, always wear the signature and avatar for the campaign- this is easily done by modifying account profile information.

Of course, if you don’t wish to wait so long to get an account, it’s always possible to buy accounts and use them on campaigns- watch out for escrow scammers and just scammers overall- always pick a reliable escrow for buying anything on the forum. A good list of escrow providers is found here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=855778.0 Note that accounts sometimes are pretty costly- the best value for the money tends to be in Full Member accounts, but especially in Senior Member accounts. It’s possible to get the most money and fastest ROI there, as you get the best pay per post ratio for your money. Although this method does require just a little initial investment, it’s usually not much and you can make back your money in a very short period of time if you do get into a campaign.

If your account bought doesn’t have good post quality, improve it! Don’t spam, don’t post on ‘bad’ sections of the forum as I mentioned before. Also, try to give your honest opinion on a topic and don’t try to mess with what you think- this may be present in your posting later down the road and raise suspicions. Forum members generally don’t like bought and sold accounts, and it’s understandable- lots of spam comes from that, but one thing that I ask of you is to not spam the forum and make 40 posts in a day unless absolutely necessary- we’ve already got enough and we don’t need more.


Posting is a relatively lucrative way to earn money on Bitcointalk, and it’s effective as long as you don’t spam on the forum and post sparingly. The best campaigns tend to be fixed pay campaigns; they discourage spamming and give a nice set limit for people to reach, and often pay much more than a campaign like Yobit does. Interested? Check out the forum!

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