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#1 World’s Bitcoin Affiliate Network. Invite your friends and earn money!

Dear Friends – Exclusive offer for those, who want the Performance Marketing industry to grow.

Official Websites:

Reward to our affiliates:

Lifetime revenue share: 20%

If you refer advertiser or publisher you will get share of all RunCPA commissions.

Advantages to affiliates:

1. Instant payouts

2. Bitcoin payouts

3. Combined payouts. Per click, per lead, per sale and lifetime revenue shares.

4. Bonus payouts. Extra bonuses for trusted affiliates.

5. All kinds of traffic are accepted except fraudulent.

6. Fully anonymous network. Only e-mail required to qualify.

7. Exclusive offers with highest commissions.

Advantages to advertisers:

1. Business owners pay only when they get expected result.

2. Comprehensive consulting in all projects promotion.

3. Unique Skynet technology to prevent advertisers from fraudulent or motivated traffic.

4. More than 1000 active webmasters.

5. 0% bank fees

Receive LIFETIME revenue for your friend’s business or for even your OWN business.

As you know, is an innovative, out-of-the-scope CPA Network with decentralized CpC network integrated.

CPA means “Cost Per Action” – you will pay only for real customers who pay real money for your perfect product.

If your product is not perfect – you can go and buy some clicks or in some other cosy way you can spend money for nothing.

If your product is good – you do not pay for CLICKS – you pay for sales. Just stop paying per click today. Drop it. Forever.

 What to do? 

It is simple like 1 and 2 and 3

  • Sign up as Business Owner here
  • Create your offer here (it is steel in BETA – so something is not perfect, sorry)
  • On step 3 you should put the site name with HTTPS://
  • Add convertions – one is Your Lead creating – when the user registers somewhere. Add CPL.
  • The second – revenue share – it is one you starting to have Revenue. Dont be greedy. Add RS
  • You should share not less revenue than you are ready to spend on regular advertizement.
  • Add some Bonus for trusted webmasters to boost your profits.
  • Name of convertion is better to be from figures.
  • Choose Integration Type – usually we use S2S integration. But you can start with Any.
  • Upload banners and DONE.
  • Run CPA

Ah.. You can refer this offer with the link above. Get lifetime Rev Share from you own business as a discount. Forever. Thank you!

Please note, that you could make a request for withdrawals if you receive “Revenue Share” conversion.

How to get “Revenue Share”? Your web-masters signed up, run any offers, earned money and withdraw it.


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