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In Bits2u you can get free bitcoins every day for do nothing!

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Bits2u Review

Bits2u is one of the most comprehensive sites on the net investment , and will allow you to double your investment in just a few months. They have a wide and this easy way to earn Bitcoins , plus first-class service and fully automated. They can assure that you will be satisfied with their system.

And besides being the only investment in BTC system that has games, buying referrals and added to it a PIN in addition to your password when you log in every day plus automatic withdrawals feature for .005 bitcoin. They also offer coupons cashback every month up to 20% per month. Their team is sincere to provide any information and questions you have regarding their company.

Games they offered:

  • Rock, Paper and Scissor – If you win, you win your bet x 1.5 times as reward.
  • Slot Machine -If three equal figures appear win your bet x 10 and If the first two figures are equal win your bet x 5.
  • Guess the Number – If the chosen number appears, you win your bet x 2 and If the number +1 or -1 appears, you win your bet x 1.2 (for example, you choose 5 appears 4 or 6) and If the chosen number is 1 and the number 2 appears you win your bet x 1.5. and If the chosen number is 9 and the number 8 appears you win your bet x 1.5.

Other way to earn more bitcoin:

  •  PTC or Paid to Click – they willing to pay 250 satoshi every advertisement you viewed for 30 secs.
  • Vote their Site – they willing to pay total of 750 satoshi if you vote their site in Emoneyspace, Top Site list and Buxlister.com
  • PTP or Paid to Promote – You will get the 1 satoshi (max of 1,000 per day) directly to your account and without timer if someone access Bits2u using your referral link. (sample referral/ptp links: https://bits2u.com/?ref=1073 )
  • Buy more 2uhash – if you buy more 2uhash, you will earn more bitcoin maybe double your investment in just few months. How fast to double your investment was depends on the package you bought.

Withdrawal option:

  • Automatic – minimum of .004 bitcoin
  • Manaul – withdraw whenever you want

Advertise with Bits2u

Bits2u also offer advertise on their site with a price of $1.00 for 500 unique views/30secs per day.

Why Bit2u.com

Bits2u gives you 30 2uhash of power so you can win free bitcoins around 2000+ satoshi.
– 10% of all investments of your referrals.
– They offer Games, PTC, PTP and Voting  that will allow you to earn more bitcoins and 2uhash.
– Purchase of referrals for $ 10 each.
– Support 24 hours a day.
– Promotion codes every month up to 10% off.

Enjoy free

bits2u free bitcoins every day

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