What is Adbit.co?

About Adbit.co (http://adbit.co)

AdBit is a Bitcoin & Blockchain empowered ad network working with a “Smart Bid Auction” and a real-time payment system.

For Advertiser

Use their tools to find the right target audience for your message in their growing community. 500,000 Unique Users per month can see your ads on our publisher’s websites. they let you pick your favorite websites, or you can let us do a network campaign for you. they offer multiple options, including our “smart bid” algorithm that makes sure you get the highest return for your advertising budget.

For Publisher

Join a growing community of publishers reaping the benefits that only AdBit can bring. Simply set up your AdBit ad spaces on your websites and let they monetize the space for you. AdBit is completely transparent, efficient, charges lower fees and all payments are made real-time to your account, instantly with every view or click.

Bitcoin & Blockchain

All AdBit payment & clearing transactions are done with Bitcoins! Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that you can send via the internet without going through a bank. All Bitcoin transactions are recorded transparently in the public blockchain.

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See their BuxLister Ad Network ranking: http://buxlister.com/category/AD-Network

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Recently they launched #LoveAdbitForum (http://forum.adbit.co)

In line with this they implemented the #LoveAdbit Bitcoin earning program.

#LoveAdBit Bitcoin Earning Program

Why a Bitcoin Earning Program?

AdBit appreciates your contribution to their community – it’s your community as it is ours anyway. So they implemented their Bitcoin Earning Program and reward you for your contributions, your content to our #LoveAdBit forum.

  • all bonus and reward payments will be made to your AdBit account once a week with the sole purpose to help AdBit to improve its services;
  • this is a pilot program that can be canceled at any time upon the feedback and experience we receive. With your registration your are accepting this terms and conditions. SO HURRY UP AND JOIN!!!

Here is how our earning program works and you can earn your Bitcoins and Satoshis:

Step 1: Verified Member & Bonus

To earn your “Verified Member Bonus” you have to do the following actions:

  1. Register Here with #LoveAdBit Forum with your AdBit Email address, WordPress or Twitter;
  2. Complete your #LoveAdBit Forum profile including your avatar (use www.gravatar.com or upload a picture) and your social media contacts. You need to have at least one social media account for a verified profile. Please post “I am a proud #LoveAdBit member” on your channel to make sure it’s yours;
  3. Write a first blog post introducing yourself and/or your website and why you are here. A few sentences will do, in your native language if you want, doesn’t have to be English;
  4. Replies: provide some replies to topics and show some activities;
  5. Apply for the “Verified Member Bonus” with the application form;

That’s it. they will check your application and your blog post. As soon as they approve your blog post. They will credit the “Verified Member Bonus” to your #LoveAdBit Forum account. The verification process should be done within 24 hours if you have correctly filled out the form. They will check every application carefully.

Terms of Payment for Verified Profile Bonus:

As soon as they approve your blog post they credit the “Verified Member Bonus” to your #LoveAdBit Forum account. Your #LoveAdBit balance will be transferred once every week (Tuesday) to your AdBit account and can be spent for advertising or withdrawn.

Step 2: Activity Rewards

Once you are a verified member you can earn your Bitcoins in our #LoveAdBit community. They will reward you for your ongoing contributions to the #LoveAdBit Forum.

They will reward you for every approved an published blog post, for every topic you generate, for every reply and other activities that you do or receive from others.

Such easy. go ahead, become an active member of #LoveAdBit and earn your money.

Please notice:

  • be careful when posting, commenting, replying. We want to have quality. Spamming or low quality may lead to the suspension of your “verified membership”.
  • post only your own opinion and your personal thoughts that have not already been posted on other places. We want to have high quality content here in the AdBit forum. Please use links when referring to other blog posts and websites.

Terms of Payment for Activity Rewards:

Payment is done once a week every Tuesday for the previous week.

#LoveAdBit Bitcoin Reward Table

Bitcoin Reward for Activities

Important Notice: only verified #LoveAdBit members are entitled for earnings. As long as you have not been verified you can collect Satoshis and the balance will be shown on your forum profile page but you cannot transfer them to your AdBit account.

Verified Member Bonus:50,000 Satoshi
Satoshis for viewing a post5,000Maximum 15000 times per day
Satoshis for site visit1,000
Satoshis for accepted invitation20,000Maximum 20 times per week
Satoshis for new forum topic25,000Maximum once per week
Satoshis for someone favorited your forum topic5,000Maximum 5 times per day
Satoshis for new forum reply5,000Maximum 3 times per day
Satoshis for referring a visitor5,000Maximum 3 times per day
Satoshis for referring a new member20,000Maximum 3 times per day

Reminders for User:

  • Original content only: they insist on original content when blogging for our Bitcoin Earning Program and do not accept copy and post of other people or websites content. In case this happens we’ll deduct 150,000 Satoshi from the users account and may permanently close the user account. they want your ideas, opinions and words.
  • No Spamming with replies, comments or any other possible form. In case this happens we’ll deduct 150,000 Satoshi from the users account and may permanently close the user account. We want added value content and a great user experience in this forum

Proof of payment from Adbit.co  as Publisher and as Poster in #LoveAdbitForum

Payment Link: https://www.blocktrail.com/BTC/tx/7bd1720a3e581808f5f82206cec4d0686d05205becf3fb789642ddbe2062a030

Join #LoveAdbitForum and start earning bitcoin.


Updates: They return the Adbit Faucet where you can earn extra bitcoin every 60 minutes up to 4000 satoshis by solving a simple reCaptcha problem.

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