How to pay SSS contributions using mobile apps?

Paying your SSS contributions using mobile app will be great especially for OFW. is a mobile wallet for PHP and Bitcoin. They offer a service to pay your bill (For complete list, see here) using their mobile apps or website. One of this service is to pay your SSS contribution. See here for complete review for

How to pay your SSS contributions using

  1. You need to register here to create a account.
  2. Use “Cash In”tab to add funds to your wallet. (For complete Cash In details, see here)
  3. Select “Pay Bills” 
  4. On Bill Type select “SSS Contributions”
  5. It will ask you for the following details
    • SSS Account type (ex. Self-employed or OFW)
    • SSS Number
    • Member Name (preferred full name)
    • Aplication Period (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Exact Amount you want to pay
  6. Once done select “Pay Bill” button

How will you know if your bill has been successfully paid?

They process payments within 3 business days. After settling your bill, a confirmation email containing the details of the payment will be sent to the customer via email. Here’s what it looks like:



That will serve as confirmation that your bill has been successfully paid and will be posted on the service provider’s end within 1-3 business days.


  • There may be cases where pending payments will reflect on your next billing statement. But don’t worry! You may contact your service provider to clarify your account concerns.
  • Use to pay your bills and earn PHP 5.00 for every unique transactions and PHP 100.00 for every 5 unique transactions per week
  • Register to using this link to get free PHP 24.00:


Q: What if you enter a wrong details or informations?

A: the transactions will turns unsuccessful then will refund all the money they deducted to your wallet.

Q: What if you don’t receive notification about your transactions?

A: Mostly 1~3 business days before 1 transactions can be completed. notify their users thru email, if you don’t receive any email maybe check first your spam folder or contact directly.

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