Best PTC site to earn bitcoins

Bitcoin is getting quite famous these days and so are the websites to earn bitcoins increasing. 

Well most of the PTC sites give you a bunch of ads that are not worth a lot of satoshi. There is this site called adBTC which provides 1000 satoshis on an average just by clicking ads per day. And it is a website that pays. I’ll show the proof below

The earnings can be as high as 70 satoshis per ad and low to 10.5 satoshis as well. But the amount of ads provided are quite good and I’m able to get 1000 satoshis per day easily. 

The referral commission is not that high it’s just 7.5% and the minimum amount to withdraw is 15,000 satoshi. So in almost 15 days you can reach the withdrawal amount

Payment proof

So yes this site does pay. It takes around a day process the transaction. I’ll show you the payment proof.

So this is it. 

I myself am a person somewhat new to bitcoin. But I love this site. It’s the best out of all the PTC sites I’ve registered for. 

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