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My name is Donnie and I represent TraDove ICO. Currently, we have raised more than 10M USD for our project and we would be happy to see an article/Press Release on your website.


Our company TraDove – unlocking corporate demand for a token based business-to-business (B2B) marketing, sales, and trade platform


TraDove, a business social network in Palo Alto, CA, is launching the first B2B token offering in the global market and will open up corporate demand for cyrptocurrencies for their sales, marketing and trading needs. 


We currently have 250K+ corporate users worldwide. Founding teams come from MIT, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, LinkedIn. Our current investors and backers include an MIT professor, former CFO of Morgan Stanley, former CEO of Bank of America, former CEO of Siemens, Inc., former Group VP of General Motors, etc.


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Open up corporate blockchain token demand for B2B sales, marketing, and trade.

What’s missing from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, eBay and Alibaba

Facebook connects friends. LinkedIn connects professionals. Google provides intelligent
search results, eBay provides a passive B2C platform and Alibaba is China centric
platform. TraDove connects business partners.
While, LinkedIn serves some of the B2B purpose, it is mostly used for HR and job
seeking and not for business purposes. We have addressed the following four issues
that have not been met by LinkedIn: 

1. Relevancy. LinkedIn are general purpose. People on LinkedIn are getting contacted
for all kinds of people. If you contact them for business, that purpose will be diluted.
2. Asymmetry. While selling people do not mind using LinkedIn to contact buying
people, buying people are much less willing to use LinkedIn to contact selling
people as they come to LinkedIn mostly not for business reasons resulting in low
response rate
3. Credibility. Most of people on LinkedIn registered with public email, making it very
easy to fake identity and profile which is not good for business purposes
4. 3 factors. People, products/services and companies need to be seamlessly


What Does TraDove Offer

TraDove, Inc. (“TraDove”) was founded with a sole mission, to address the basic needs
of each company to better buy and sell by creating a business (social) network that
connects corporate buyers, sellers, products, services and companies. We will be able to
allow any company to market and advertise to another company over the internet their
products and services in a targeted and precision way.


Products & Services

1. Business Network that connects people, products/services and companies and
provide a private business network to companies (i.e. supply chain social network)
and industry associations, etc.
2. B2B Cloud for companies and sales people to store marketing collaterals (specs,
white paper, picture, video, etc.)
3. B2B Big Data, Machine Learning and Analytics for intelligent matching for people,
products/services and companies


Problems Solved & Key Value Proposition

Address the basic needs for any company by helping them to buy and sell faster and

1. Shorten the cycle for buyers and sellers to find each other
2. Solve the information asymmetry problem in the B2B space and make B2B more
3. Allow precision based company to company advertising over the internet


Market Place, Competition and Positioning

The total B2B marketing spending in US is $26B out of which $4B is online. We believe the online market will increase significantly.

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are mostly consumer or individual players. They do not approve their members and emphasize quantity of the traffic. TraDove is a business play. We emphasize quality of the traffic. Our value per user and profit margin will be higher.

TraDove sells the opportunity to have a sale but not the actual sale transaction as we believe business needs a hand shake and the web cannot do it all. We believe our model is much more scalable than a transaction site (B2B1.0).

As a B2B 2.0 company and unlike B2B 1.0 companies like Alibaba, sales people in our site can actively approach buying people instead of waiting to be found.


Ultimate Goal & Vision

The marketing effect for B2B is different from consumer. In consumer space, it is users
who generate users. In the B2B space, it is opportunities that generate opportunities. We
aim to create a go to place for companies to advertising to companies over the internet
in a precision way, just like Google does in the consumer space and eventually create a
B2B Eco System that anyone who wants to do business will come to our site, a
multibillion dollar company.


TraDove BBCoin Offering

TraDove will create an ERC20 standard token (“BBCoin”) on the Ethereum platform and
will issue such tokens to Ethereum wallets. Potential corporate demand in our
ecosystem for BBCoins for B2B sales, marketing and international trade can be in the
tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars. 

TraDove issues 1,000,000,000 BBCoins

• 50% or 500,000,000 released for the token offering

• 5% or 50,000,000 used over the next 3-5 years, airdropped to our buying and sales users to acquire users, encourage users to invite others and incentivize their sales and advertising interactions. This will also incentivize their companies to use more BBCoins on our platforms and buy BBCoins from the open market. The airdrop will be strictly disciplined, so as not to affect the market • 20% or 200,000,000 reserved for marketing, user acquisition and other needs. Again, use of tokens will be strictly disciplined with market conditions

• 15% or 150,000,000 reserved for future company usage

• 10% or 100,000,000 reserved mostly for the team and some for stakeholders. There is also a 6-month lock-up period after the ICO. After that, monthly sales limits apply. For team awards, there will be a vesting period of 4 years spreading the token award on a monthly basis over a 48-month period starting from their first date at the job


Allocation of Raised Funds

• TraDove plans to raise a $52,000,000 hard cap through this token offering, with a 0.16 USD listing price and 0.12 USD presale price. We plan to do $36M for presale and $16M for public sale, totaling 400M tokens. We will use 100M tokens as bonuses for big purchasers and early birds. We will burn the leftover tokens.

• 30% of the proceeds will be used for marketing, user acquisition, etc.

• 24% of the proceeds will be used for product development, team hiring, network infrastructure

• 40% of the proceeds will be reserved for compliance, tax and other uses

• 6% for token offering related costs including legal, marketing and token offering team, etc.



Telegram: @TraDove

Whitepaper(EN): READ

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