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Few people will ever encounter an undiscovered natural wonder, and then derive the pleasure of naming it. That’s what came about to Guido Turricchia and his daring band of explorers deep interior the Papua Fresh Guinean jungle and deep below the earth. The speleologist found a brand original cave and had the appreciate of christening it. The epithet the environmental engineer and bitcoin fanatic chose? Why, Satoshi.

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Blockchain meets Rockchain

For the past month, Guido Turricchia, Andrea Felici, and Maurizio Buttinelli were AFK and thus divorced from bitcoin phrase strikes and cryptocurrency drama. On December 10, the trio of experienced explorers left Italy to embark on their most fearless outing yet thru the dense rainforest of Papua Fresh Guinea. The southwest Pacific nation, which lies north of Australia and to the east of Indonesia, is notorious for its natural diversity.

Guido and his neighborhood witnessed many spell binding sights as they trekked thru the jungle, however they were saving themselves for the beauty that lay interior the earth. From Guatemala to Costa Rica, the speleologists derive traveled the realm, frequenting about a of presumably the most distant and graceful underground caverns, caves, and rock formations these territories derive to present. After journeying for days, the neighborhood, led by a local information, came to a cave formation in the center of the Papua Fresh Guinea jungle.

Guido defined to how locals used the entrance to hunt flying foxes, however hadn’t forayed to any extent additional. The explorers roamed deeper into the caves, descending a complete of 2km, forward of coming to a huge cave arrangement comprising a series of vaults, the finest of which measured 120 x 80 x 50 metres, with huge concretions and an underground river flowing thru it. As a result of the rocky formations, Guido dubbed it Blockchain Valley.

Enter the Cave of Satoshi

The trio, who now found themselves in one in every of the remotest places on earth and confronted by sights that had by no come been seen with the human eye, went deeper into the earth


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