Top sites of 2017

Here’s the year end result for the top website for year 2017. Global top ranked websites: Ranking Thumb Site Hits In Hits Out Votes 1 Bitcoin Mining or Faucet Bits2u, Win Free Bitcoins Every day for do nothing!. You can get more bitcoins with a small invest. And Games, Buy Referrals, Promo Code, and Win Free Bitcoins Every Day for do Nothing! 3388 4707 Vote 46968 2 Paid to Click or PTC PTC-Star WE OFFER HIGH QUALITY ADVERTISING SOLUTION AND MANY OTHER WAYS TO EARN. 66060 2034 Vote 526 3 Bitcoin Mining or Faucet Faucet+BTCPORTUGAL Faucet to rewards[…]

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BmyCoin ICO by

What is Bmybit is a UK based company operating in the fields of FinTech and RegTech. It has developed a series of proprietary algorithms working 24/7 with digital asset exchanges, predictive analytics, and compliance. Official link: Special links (get free 10 strategies for PATS): What is BmyCoin The BmyCoin is a MultiChain token. The token’s purpose is to allow users registered at to pay fees for using the platform’s services, most notably the Personal Automated Trading System (PATS), as well as to hold a portion of the platform. BmyBit will issue a total of 10 million BmyCoins,[…]

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poloniex Lending

Passive income thru Poloniex Lending

What is Poloniex? Poloniex is a 100% crypto to crypto exchange website which is based in the Wilmington, DE USA and lunched in early 2017. Now, is one of the most trusted crypto currencies exchange or trading websites. If you’re a trader this will be a great site for you. Poloniex supported Coins: Coin Symbol Coin Name Coin Symbol Coin Name Coin Symbol Coin Name Coin Symbol Coin Name BTCD BitcoinDark NXC Nexium FLDC FoldingCoin STR Stellar BTM Bitmark NXT NXT FLO Florincoin STRAT Stratis BTS BitShares OMNI Omni GAME GameCredits SYS Syscoin BURST Burst PASC PascalCoin GNO Gnosis USDT[…]

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TribeToken — A Decentralized Charity Platform

What is TribeToken? TribeToken (TRIBE) is a decentralized charity platform. They utilize Tokens, however dissimilar to different Tokens, TribeToken is completely devoted to charity and decentralization. Not at all like most other computerized monetary standards, TribeToken does not have its own particular Blockchain but rather utilizes the Ethereal Blockchain, which is more secure and has the framework as of now being used. TribeToken has no focal server and no expert can control or stop it which implies there is no restriction and Token won’t be solidified regardless. TribeTokens can be utilized to give or make foundations on the TribeToken stage[…]

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BitJob – a decentralized platform for students for short-term work

BitJob gone for enhancing the picture of the progressive existence of understudies amid their investigations and give them another experience. BitJob will give understudies the chance to quickly get a suitable charge for their capacity to work and managers of profoundly gifted and sharpen their abilities in the meantime enhancing their splendid resume whenever, anyplace. Official site: BitJob supported by Ethereum  -half-created stage. Building a platform Ethereum , there is no compelling reason to confide in the server overseers. Because of the unmistakable and exact properties we now have a genuinely solid confirmation, personality, decisions, and the notoriety of[…]

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onegram coin

What is OneGram?

Bitcoin was first created by pseudonomous developer satoshi nakamoto on early 2000s and many have lined his way and thinks of their own variant of digital currency. However, none of them have considered muslim society and because of numerous legitimate limitations a muslim group that means more or less 23% of total populace can’t utilize crytocurrencies forms of digital money. OneGram Coin meant to solve this issue by dispersing coin that is upheld by 1 gram of genuine gold amid dispatch. Charges produced amid every exchange of this gold will be reinvested in gold to build gold stores backing this coins, so that[…]

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As low as $1.56 per month Cpanel Hosting

QHOSTER offer Instant cPanel Web Hosting Plans. Official Site: for 1yr price per month = $ 2.30for 2yrs price per month = $ 2.11for 3yrs price per month = $ 1.95 + SH20OFF = $1.56 ONLY!!!! + 1yr Free premium domain LIMITED TIME PROMOTIONS $7.99 .COM and .NET domain for 1st year = COMNET79920% lifetime discount on Cpanel Hosting = SH20OFF Include the following features. Web Hosting Features…– Plenty of disk space and UNLIMITED bandwidth– Flexible, powerful and easy to use control panel – cPanel– UNLIMITED domains, UNLIMITED FTP users, UNLIMITED email accounts and UNLIMITED MySQL databases– 99.9% Uptime[…]

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Top Sites of 2016 | TOP sites of 2016 Here are the results for 2016 Top Sites registed or listed in voting system. Final votes are aquire from month of August 2015 (month our site launch) up to January 2017. For Global Rank Rank Website name Hits In  Hits Out Total Votes 1 121 448 1130 2 23354 798 1114 3 510 579 161 4 267 197 147 5 5069 340 141 6 Adwise-ExchangePro 1442 230 110   For Paid to Click or PTC category Rank Website name Hits In Hits Out Total Votes 1 23354 798 1114[…]

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Running a Bitcoin Faucet with no start Money is Easy

This is strictly my opinion owning and operating Bitcoin Faucets and experience that works for me. 1: First thing to do is open a Xapo account. 2: Find a good Faucet list on the web you admire. 3: Find one of those free hosting that doesn’t cost anything. You will need two for a faucet list and two for a faucet until your faucet takes off then you can decide if your faucet is worth keeping and then buy a dot com domain and just forward the address.Keep in mind I payed for a domain and hosting after i[…]

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Expired Domain

How to make fortune by monetising Expired Domain

Hello, want to learn how to make money with expired domain name ? Then you are in the right place,just read on the details below The mеаning оf  еxрirеd Dоmаin Name An еxрirеd Dоmаin Nаmе iѕ a Dоmаin Nаmе whiсh hаѕ whiсh hаѕ bееn rеgiѕtеrеd by аnоthеr реrѕоn bеfоrе  but thе persons fаilѕ tо re-register аgаin аt thе timе оf еxрirаtiоn. . If a Dоmаin Name еxрirеѕ, еvеrуоnе саn nоw рurсhаѕе оr rеgiѕtеr it. Hоw tо find Exрirеd Dоmаinѕ Yоu саn find expired dоmаin nаmеѕ for frее in thе fоllоwing ѕitеѕѕ. Nоw gо tо httрѕ://www.еxрirеddоmаinѕ.nеt/rеgiѕtеr-dеlеtеd-dоmаinѕ/ ,httрѕ://www.dоmсор.соm/еxрirеd-dоmаinѕ/ ,www.rеdhоtdоmаinnаmеѕ.соm/ оr httрѕ://www.еxрirеd-dоmаinѕ.со  whеrе[…]

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