Purchase Banner Credits - Buxlister.com


Buxlister.com | Banner Exchange allows you to exchange banner with other members to earn credits or purchase credits instantly.

  • BuxLister.com offers you
    100,000 banner impressions for $1.00,
    500,000 banner impressions for $3.00,
    999,999 banner impressions for $5.00

    , cheapest rate you can see all over the Net.
  • Your Banner will be visible to our website and other member's website.
  • Follow 4 steps below to complete your purchase.

  • 1. Create an account in Buxlister | Banner Exchange for your banner details

    2. Send your payment manually to one of the payment processor ID below:

  • Paypal = admin@buxlister.com
  • Payza = gabbxfiles03@gmail.com
  • Skrill = gabbxfiles03@gmail.com
  • Payeer = P28005066
  • WebMoney = Z289324263077
  • AdvCash = U224896455148

  • 3. Once done, Fill-up the form below to submit your payment details. (powered by Formspree)

    Banner Exchange Username :
    E-Wallet ID :
    Amount Sent :
    Contact Email :

    4. Once we confirmed your payment and received your payment details.
    You will receive an email as purchase confirmation from admin@buxlister.com and we will add the purchased credits into your account.
    If we added it late, we will give you additional 10,000 banner credits per 24 hours we our late.

    NOTE: If you got issues or questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us @ admin@buxlister.com.