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Alpha test:
So what is Claimbitcointop really?
Well, it is a browser based game and Bitcoin faucet as well. In short, you control a mine where you actively have to mine for resources. These resources can be used on upgrading your mine, and gold can be exchanged for Bitcoins. At least that is what this game is going to be.

 However, there is 0.02 BTC in prizes to the top 50 players. You can read more about this below.

All top 50 will earn the same ammount, 40k satoshis
 The round has started, i will change the bonus reward to allow you all to have a fair dispute.

Round will be over at 30 November 2016, at December 1 i may start a new round, but i do hope to start the game instead a new round for test purposes.

4-11-2016= the game has 3 boost bonus to make you improve faster
Currently the exchange ratio in game its 50 gold=1 satoshis

If you like our game vote for us :