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Aim BTC-
« on: October 17, 2016, 07:20:03 PM »
Opening OF AimBTC
Jul-29-2016 04:59:25 AM
We are happy to announce the opening of and would like to cordially welcome you here, is a new investment platform dedicated to emerging market investments, guided by a strong and dynamic investment management team to provide one-stop investment solutions for customers all over the world. The mission is to provide the best investment products and excellent value to help our customer reach their financial goals.

The plan that we currently offer is the same across the board regardless of how much you invest. You will earn a constant 0.16% hourly profit as long as you keep your Bitcoins in the project. You have the option of choosing any investment amount, depending upon your ultimate goal and how much income you wish to gain.

Other plans with other trading companies offer a daily rate of profits that is based on how much you invest. That means that you generally only receive a decent profit ratio when you invest larger sums of money. We believe that having just one plan at a set hourly rate is a better way to go for everybody. Most of our members agree and we’re sure that you will, too.

In addition, we are keen to make investing easy for you, please follow the step by step instructions to access the full power of our investment platform.

Over the internet, especially  with crypto-currencies there has been one too many cries over cloud mining sites and many people would rather avoid them, myself inclusive, because they are bogus. But  all businesses are not created equal and this one seems to have some outstanding features:

1. It does not claim to have some heaven-knows -where mining rigs;
2. it is a registered company in UK;
3. only one and realistic investment plan;
4. investment withdraw-able anything;
5. good reviews across monitor and review sites;
6. 2-Factor Authentication;
7. compounding possible;
8.paying status;etc.

I recommend it  for anyone looking to grow their bitcoin at least for the short run, goodluck :D

Aim Sublime